Basic Principles Of Clean Eating

Basic Principles Of Eating Clean


Opting for a healthier lifestyle? Well, you gotta start somewhere right!?! Following the basic principles listed above will get you on the right road to clean eating. Let me explain each principle:

Eat Whole Foods:  Foods that are free from nasty chemicals like additives and artificial substances and minimal been processing or refining have been performed.

Avoid Process Foods: So this principle is similar to the one above…stay away from nasty chemically enhanced foods…For example that yucky kraft cheese…

Eliminate Refined Sugar: One of the main ingredients of most breads and pastries…yuck

Eat 5-6 Small Meals a Day: The rule of thumb is to eat 5-6 meals the size of your fist… So many benefits to this but to name a few… It benefits your metabolism as well as not getting that sicky feeling from being a piggy…

Cook Your Own Meals: So important, I can’t emphasize it enough. When you cook your own foods you know WTF your putting into it. When eating out at restaurants they want you to enjoy the food and to come back for more… However you probz have no clue that they are dumping MSG and other sicky oils and crap into your food just for the taste!?! You get my purnt…

Keep a Balanced Diet: Play the game of a lil bit of this and a lil bit of that and you will be golden…Fruit, veggies, healthy carbs, protein, and WATER ;)


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