Berry Delight



I LOVE berries! Not only do they taste amazing but they are so good for you!

There are many amazing benefits of berries but to name a few:

Berries help with sun protection – The antioxidants found in berries can protect you from free radicals and premature aging of the skin.

Flavonoid-packed berries, such as blueberries and raspberries may aid in cancer prevention.

Berries are high in fiber ;)


Fat Burner – The red coloring contains anthocyanins, which stimulate the burning of stored fat. The compound nitrate found in strawberries promotes blood flow and oxygen in our body, that’s a plus for weight loss.


Heart Health – Blueberries contain high levels of compounds that may help widen arteries, which counters the plaque buildup that generally causes heart attacks.


Blackberries are high in fiber and helps with digestion and may help lower your cholesterol levels, which fights cardiovascular disease. The vitamin A in blackberries also helps your digestive tract by  maintaining healthy mucous membranes, such as the tissues that line the inside of your mouth. Each cup of raw blackberries provide 308 IU of vitamin A.

A great way to start consuming some this amazingness is to add some to your breakfast.

It is such a good habit to start the day off with fruit.


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