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Motivation Thursday!



Sorry folks I have been MIA for about a week :| So I changed this week’s motivation Monday quote to a motivation Thursday quote :D So excited for the weekend and EASTER EASTER EASTER!

So, going back to the quote… It is so easy to get into a habit of whining, complaining, and wishing. The only way to get to where you want to go in life is to START – MOVE – ACTION and the list goes on ha! Anywayz everyone gets stuck in a rut feeling like they are spinning around in a hamster wheel BUT no you can change that…Attitude is everything.

Well thats my spiel for the day



Even Marilyn Monroe Worked Out!

marilyn monroe_picture



I came across this article and had to share! Marilyn Monroe was such an inspiration to many women and still is. She embraced her curves and exuberated success and confidence. Those beautiful curves didn’t come for free, she incorporated daily workouts as well as a healthy diet. Gotta work for that bootay!

More Here


What is healthy living, you ask?



Healthy living is pretty simple. Not to say it’s easy but just like anything good in life you have to work for it.

The simple facts of living healthy:

1. Positive Thinking – A major must because the mind controls everything. Not having a positive mindset can lead to things like laziness, depression, being overweight, and basically sucking at life.

2. Feel Good – This is the result of positive thinking. We/humans have downer days… that is normal – but don’t let it be a habit. Pick yourself up!

3. Regular Exercise – omgomgomgomg exercise is the shiz! Like can’t live without it.

4. Eat Better – Making healthy choices makes a huge different in your life. So many peeps think they can eat anything they want because they just burned it off at the gym…bahaha ya right! Next joke. You gotta eat right to live right ;)

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Remember… Success Is Not Overnight


I know sometimes it may feel like you are doing your best to get in shape and be the best version of yourself but feeling like it is taking forever!?!

Well, it is a lifestyle change.

If you want to be fit it is seriously a way of life. Working out should be a no brainer like taking a shower, or brushing your hair/teeth… It should be your daily to-do…

Sometimes in my MegaFormer Pilates (will do a post on this soon) class I am d-y-i-n-g thinking “why the heck am I doing this craziness”!?! But after you feel amazing and overtime you see results and the hard work pay off!

Keep working hard because you won’t regret it.