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Spiralizer Madness

I absolutely love the Spiralizer! If you have yet to try it – I highly recommend getting one!

spiralizer-1There are so many different variations of food you can make – zucchini pasta, carrot noodles, cucumber noodles, potato noodles ahhh so many and there all so GOOD!

spiralizer-2 spiralizer-3I made zucchini pasta…and trust me…you will never want to eat any other kind of doe pasta again!

spiralizer-4I added: Potatoes, mushrooms, sweet corn, and tomato pasta sauce. All Organic ingredients.

And viola!


You can find these bad boys here: Spiralizer

The Bowl: MacKenzie Childs



AB and J Snacky






This snack tho…omg too good. FYI this is the healthy alternative to a PB and J. I used almond butter hence the title “AB and J” because 1. Almond butter is way better for you and 2. Peanut butter is straight up fattening. Also, to cut the bread out use an apple instead, it’s full of fiber and amazingness. If you have a lil craving of just a sweet ol PB and J… try this, you won’t regret it.


A Delicious Veggie Stir Fry

I am starting off the New Year right by incorporating more vegetables into my diet and recently made a delicious veggie stir fry and I am addicted! It is such a convenient way to ensure you are getting your daily dose of veg. I could seriously eat this everyday :p



So let me share…this is my serving for two:

  • Two handfuls of brussels sprouts
  • Four Kale leaves
  • Three Broccoli stalks
  • Handful of carrots
  • Two zucchinis
  • Two mushrooms
  • One red bell pepper
  • One yellow bell pepper
  • Spinach
  • Olive Oil
  • Ginger
  • Sesame seeds

Start by pouring two table spoons of olive oil into the pan and turn heat to medium. Chop all the vegetables up the best you can this is the best tool¬†and let cook for 15 min. Next mix the dressing. Olive oil, ginger, and sesame seeds together and pour over the stir fry….vuela! Enjoy!