Christmas Decorating Ideas

Merry Christmas!

Today, I am showcasing our tree and some small lil details. We live in a small beach town so, naturally, we went with a beachy shabby shiccy themed decor.


One of my fav pieces that I am sharing is the sea shell. I just love! I put poo pourri in the sea shell usually, but this year I decided to add a little christmas decor ;)


Hope you enjoyed some of my christmas decorating ideas

Have a Merry Christmas!

Leave a comment and share your fav christmas decorations ideas!


Christmas Tree Decoration ideas

I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving!

My husband and I usually go to our family’s homes which involves multiple houses and dinners…aahhh lol but it was great to be with family :)

Now, the Christmas holiday is upon us (my fav time of year) I have been researching some Christmas tree decoration ideas…

We have our tree already but before I showcase I need to add some last finishing touches ;)

Here is what I am aiming for:






What style are you aiming for?


Protein Pancakes

Protein Pancakes

I am officially addicted to protein pancakes….like YUM!


These have become part of my Sunday ritual. I shared these delish pancakes on my insta last Sunday.

You won’t be disappointed.



1 Egg

1 Cup of protein powder (any kind should work)

1 Cup of water

2 TBSP of Chia Seeds

1 Banana

1 Cup of blueberries

Syrup (Optional)

Whisk the egg, protein powder, water, and chia seeds until smooth. With a large spoon scoop the batter making individual pancakes. Once the pancakes have cooked place them onto a plate. Chop the bananas and wash the blueberries and place over your pancakes :)

Enjoy your healthy pancakes!