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Kayla Itsines BBG Week 12

I can’t believe I have reached week 12!


I have never felt so good in my skin as I do now. It’s like working so hard to get those pair of shoes you’ve always wanted… It makes you appreciate it that much more. Just like this program knowing how hard i have pushed myself and worked makes it that much more gratifying.


Week 8-9

Week 8 legs was very high tempo with the jump lunges, x lunges, and tuck jumps but oh so good. Week 9, still very challenging but seeing the big changes in my body is so motivating!

Week 10 – 11

At this point I lost about an 1 1/2 inches. I wasn’t even aiming to lose that much, however, when your body starts to tone up you naturally lose inches. So… that was exciting!

Week 12

The last week was so gratifying in that I completed Kayla Itsines BBG. About half way through the program I started to get a small outline of stomach muscles – now, the outline is more prominent. As for my legs – I definitely gained definition which is amazing.


In summary, you won’t regret it! I enjoyed every hard bit of it ;)

Like I have said in previous posts – When you work so hard to get into the best shape that you can you don’t want to dig into any junk food… You only want the best for your hot new bod!

Going to take a week break and take a few pilates and yoga classes then I will start 2.0.

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Kayla Itsines Workout Week 4

I wrote about week 1 of Kayla Itsines BBG workout here.

Weeks 1-2:

Each workout I completed I was sore the next day…

Week 2-3:

I felt like I was getting bigger (I talk about this more in depth, here) but after doing some research I found that can be totally normal with certain body types. But that soon went away.

Weeks 3-4:

I felt so energized and motivated because I could start to see my hard work pay off. Firstly, I wasn’t dying after each circuit and secondly, I could see my body changing.

Excuse the poor iPhone quality - Starting to see muscle tone :)

Excuse the poor iPhone quality – Starting to see muscle tone :)

So far, doing Kayla Itsines BBG workouts I have learned so much about myself –  self motivation and how important good nutrition is.

PRE Kayla – I did megaformer pilates twice a week and the other days just ran. I ate pretty clean, however, I would help myself to pizza or fries whenever the situation presented itself.

NOW Kayla – I feel so self motivated and only want what is best for my bod. Like seriously, I don’t particularly think it makes sense to work your ass off just to go eat like crap.

So when the fries and pizza present their ugly selves I could not be more turned off. Now that I work my ass off, junk food does not appeal to me anymore. It’s not that I am not allowing myself to not eat junk food it’s that I seriously do not crave or even want to eat the junk (excuse the rambling) and Kayla’s nutrition guide is super helpful.

I think what I am trying to say is that weeks 3-4 I gained a new appreciation for my body and love the feeling of pushing the limits with fitness.

During the first 4 weeks even though I haven’t noticed a huge difference in my physical shape my stamina/core are so much stronger and I can start to see muscle tone.

My next BBG post will be week 8.

Now on to week 5….

Anybody else started Kayla Itsines workout? Share, share, share



Getting Bigger Before Getting Smaller

Getting Bigger Before Getting Smaller


Since starting Kayla Itsines BBG I totally noticed that I got bigger before getting smaller.

This is where you’re in between muscle building and fat loss.

So, I learned, as I am getting in better shape I am starting to build muscle and shed fat.

Muscle building happens quicker than shedding fat.


After learning this I was a tad bit relieved ;)

Combined with the fat and new muscle it temporarily made me feel bigger.

It simply means I am on the right track to building muscle tone and IT’S WORKING! :D

Let me know if you have any questions


Kayla Itsines Workout Week 1

I am so excited to start Kayla Itsines BBG workout guide!

I just recently purchased the Kayla Istines Beach Body workout guide and nutrition guide and can’t wait to start documenting my transformations. The beach body guide is a 12 week process, every 4 weeks I will be documenting my experience.

My first week started on  07/21/2014.

The first week was pretty tough as I haven’t really done these circuit workouts before. It is definitely a challenge but who doesn’t love a challenge right!?!

At the moment I may look lean, however, I am missing that muscle definition.

My goal is to increase muscle tone, strength, and overall well being.

My Starting Pics: