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Healthy Wrap Recipe

My Favorite Healthy Wrap Recipe

When I made this post I was out of greens :/ otherwise I would’ve definitely added greens to the mix.


The Ezekiel wholegrain sprouted tortillas are the best!


Try to use all organic products


using avocado as a spread gives you the healthy fats you need as well as your omega 3’s


If you are not a vegetarian add a little extra protein such as turkey or chicken

lunch-dinner-wrap5And viola!


Grapefruit Health Benefits

grapefruit-health-benefits1 grapefruit-health-benefits2


I absolutely love grapefruit!

This is one powerful superfood, not only is it high in vitamin C but among SO MANY other benefits this fruit has a fat burning enzyme!

Some of the amazing health benefits:

Breast Cancer: A study found that the bioflavonoids found in grapefruit was discovered to halt cancer cells from spreading in breast cancer patients by getting rid of the excess estrogen found in the body.

Weight Loss: Like I said, this fruit has a fat burning enzyme that can help absorb and reduce the starch and sugar in the body.

Pregnant Women: The bioflavonoids and VIt. C found in grapefruitĀ help to reduce the water weight and swelling

A Cold: Grapefruit can help prevent you from getting sicky with a cold…The vitamins and minerals found in grapefruit give your immune system a boost.

You honestly could write a book on this fruit there are SO many benefits!