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Kayla Itsines BBG Week 12

I can’t believe I have reached week 12!


I have never felt so good in my skin as I do now. It’s like working so hard to get those pair of shoes you’ve always wanted… It makes you appreciate it that much more. Just like this program knowing how hard i have pushed myself and worked makes it that much more gratifying.


Week 8-9

Week 8 legs was very high tempo with the jump lunges, x lunges, and tuck jumps but oh so good. Week 9, still very challenging but seeing the big changes in my body is so motivating!

Week 10 – 11

At this point I lost about an 1 1/2 inches. I wasn’t even aiming to lose that much, however, when your body starts to tone up you naturally lose inches. So… that was exciting!

Week 12

The last week was so gratifying in that I completed Kayla Itsines BBG. About half way through the program I started to get a small outline of stomach muscles – now, the outline is more prominent. As for my legs – I definitely gained definition which is amazing.


In summary, you won’t regret it! I enjoyed every hard bit of it ;)

Like I have said in previous posts – When you work so hard to get into the best shape that you can you don’t want to dig into any junk food… You only want the best for your hot new bod!

Going to take a week break and take a few pilates and yoga classes then I will start 2.0.

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Kayla Itsines Week 8

Kayla Itsines Week 8


Quick note: The past few weeks have been cha-ot-ic to say the least! So I am writing this a little late :/ No matter how crazy life has been lately I haven’t missed a day.

Weeks 4-5:

The momentum from the previous weeks was still strong as I was starting to see small changes in my body.


Weeks 5-6:

Arms and abs are usually tolerable but can I mention how much a I hate commandos. My wrists are pretty weak so it makes doing commandos extremely challenging…

Weeks 6-7:

Week 6 of legs I was introduced to tuck jumps… Yikes, is that challenging! I highly recommend doing your HITT workout on the thursday before legs. The leg day of week 6 and week 8 is so high tempo because it is a combination of legs and cardio.


Weeks 7-8:

I am feeling the strongest I have ever felt, however, I am having the hardest time putting muscle on. Even though I have notice a difference in my body, I feel like my muscle tone is taking forever to grow :/

It is so important to keep up with the LISS and HITT part of the program. I make sure I do at least 2-3 LISS and 1-2 HITT sessions a week.

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Check back for week 12! :)


Healthy Food Ideas

Here are a few go-to healthy food ideas that I love!

Who doesn’t love a good fruit salad!?! And so nutritious for you!



This is my fav go-to wrap that I’ll have for lunch or dinner more here



Have you tried zucchini pasta? Omg, it’s too good. Recipe here



PB and J apple? Super easy way to get the PB and J but cut the bread out. More on this snack here


Just a few staples of mine that I regularly eat. While I have been doing Kayla Itsines BBG program I’ve been using use her nutrition guide which is super handy.

More of my healthy recipes here

Tell me about yours!